Letter Art, AlphaBooks: Y is for Yoors


The Gypsies
Jan Yoors
Simon & Schuster 1967

Bought from Discover Books via abebooks.com

Genre: Travel, Personal Narrative
New Find
Did I read it? Yes. Be warned. You will have Cher singing Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves in your head for the duration of the book.
Horse Factor: Some horse trading, mostly life in horse-drawn wagons.

Process Notes: Progress! Yesterday & today were 99% Inkscape, including watermark. I had to open them in GIMP to convert to JPEG. Since this appears to be standard, I’m not going to mention it anymore. My designs are still basic, but I am starting to see what can be done in vector graphics.
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This year, I’m using names of horses in books as well as authors of books. Otherwise, I’ll run out of letters. I’ve already had to with Z, both this year & last. Which books would you choose?

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Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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