State of the Blog: In Which I Consider Responsibility to the Reader

Accidental Icon had a recent video interview that pushed her stats through the roof. Now, she is considering how to address the influx of readers, The Last “RE” of the Month. Speaking as a reader, What does she owe us? Absolutely nothing.

Of course, I couldn’t stop at two words. Originally, I intended these thoughts as a comment. Once they grew past a certain size, I decided to not clog her comment section/put the text to use as a blog post. I start with two instances of my involvement with a blogger.

Years ago, I sent a stack of books to a blogger. I thought she would be amused by those titles and I wanted to thank her for the enjoyment I had gotten from her blog. I never heard back. They never arrived? She got them and thought it was creepy? She got them, loved them, and never got around to responding? Oh well. I kept reading.

Later, another blogger asked for help with a project. I sent in my mite. In return, I asked her for a simple heads-up about what phase of the project I was supporting so that I might write a blog post on it. Radio silence. Bye-bye.

In both cases, money was involved. I spent more on the books and postage than on the sponsorship. The difference is that my gift to the first blogger was unsolicited; the second blogger asked for help.

Accidental Icon compares her blog to her classroom, “Just as it is with my students, …” However, we readers are not her students. We have paid no tuition. She is not our professor. The only relationship I have with Accidental Icon is with the words on my screen. What I chose to do with that is on me. Not on her.

With all that said, there are things that I, as a reader, would appreciate.

Be consistent. I come to your blog for a certain topic &/or a certain approach to a topic. While variety is to be encouraged, I don’t want to open Mad Magazine and encounter an insightful political essay from The Atlantic. Or vice versa. You don’t HAVE to do this, but I’m likely to get cranky and walk away if you confound my expectations too often. Again, your blog; you do you. However, you don’t give me what I want, I will vote with my fingers.

Be transparent. Not just about brand tie-ins. You don’t respond to emails? Cool. Say so & we will move on. You plan to respond, but it’s gonna take a while? I’ll wait. You are conflicted on how to deal with a sudden rise in readership. I can respect that. I am also interested in how that works out for you. This is exactly what Accident Icon did with the post that prompted this post, which is why I keep reading her blog [Accidental At Heart].

My Responsibility as a Blogger
Either I value clarity and consistency because it is what I deliver OR I deliver clarity and consistency because it is what I value. Whichever. I will strive to be your daily cupcake in a world that is far too full of kale smoothies [Speaking Out].
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Since this is a belated SOTB from January, colors were chosen for the January birthstone, garnet. Color inspiration from the photos at Garnet Quality Factors, although GIA is not responsible for my inability to steer a color wheel.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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