Letter Art, AlphaBooks 2018: Looking for Letters

Please help. I need book recommendations.

I am lettering 26 horse books for my Sunday posts again. It combines drawing letters with hunting for horse books. Win-win. This year, backwards.

Have nothing: N,I,G,F,E,D,& C

Have book but am open to other suggestions: Z,X,V,R,Q,P,O,M,& J

Will take recommendations on all letters, particularly obscure books/authors and the less populated letters. Since I’m going reverse alphabetical, I need the later letters sooner.

Project explanation [AlphaBooks 2017]

Authors from last year [Letter Art, AlphaBooks: Recap 2017]

Process notes: Not in Inkscape [Goals]. I tried. Will continue to hit my head against a wall try to learn software from online tutorials. Colors from New York Cliché, which I have been binge reading over the holidays & while hiding from the cold snap.

Thank you for reading and for recommending,
Katherine Walcott

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