Graphic Design: Year of the Stamp


USPS: Lunar New Year Stamp Rings in 2018

Art director Ethel Kessler, Illustrator Kam Mak

Kessler’s stamp design also incorporates two elements from the previous series of Lunar New Year stamps: Clarence Lee’s intricate cut-paper design of a dog and the Chinese character for “dog,” drawn in grass-style calligraphy by Lau Bun.

Another weak entry. I had planned to be clever with dog breeds names (Rottweiler, Old English Sheepdog, Dachshund …). However, Milton had a mild colic Friday morning. There went the day, along with my creativity for the weekend.

Milton’s intake and output are back to status quo ante. Nothing like colic to make one obsess about poop. Since he’s still on stall rest, the humans are still jumpy.
I have become legit interested in stamps. I’ve joined the American Philatelic Society, plan to attend my first stamp show later this week, and would like to find/start a horse Specialist Society. What is the history of stamps? How are they designed? Made? As information junkie, I am amused by shiny new facts. If I focus on horse stamps, I can also get blog posts out of it.

Wanna join me? I can think of one of you who will (waves hi).

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5 thoughts on “Graphic Design: Year of the Stamp

  1. Hi, As someone who has collected horse stamps for decades, I’m not aware of any specialty society for horses. Would be glad to give whatever help I can. Will get me back into stamp collecting. Not that I can afford to catch up on all the horse stamps I’ve missed, let alone search for the stamps for my mini tops. I used to belong to the American Philatelic Society and the American Topical Association, for which I’ve written some articles and puzzles; I know they have lists and sometimes handbooks on certain subjects which I’m sure I had one of at some time. It’s been literally years since I’ve even looked at my stamp albums.
    Glad Milton is coming along well.

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