Hello Dr. Jekyll

Combined Driving

Okay, Milton, what’s up?

We took you to a perfectly nice show in Tennessee. You had an epic, Technicolor, hissy fit [Not a Post].

We took you back to Stepping Stone Farm. You loved it. We hitched you to the 2-wheel cart. You were a star. After a suitable period of reacclimation, we hooked you to the 4-wheel once more. You were a star.

You’ve been getting rave reviews from Coach Courtney. You trot around the ring like a dressage king. You do a roll-back to your cones that would cause envy in a jump rider.

Sure, that one time you ran off on the lunge line and that one time you spooked with the cart and for a moment under saddle you refused to walk past the enormous horse-eating shavings pile of doom. Those are no big deal. You stopped running. You got over yourself. You bravely walked forward. Those are normal training discussion points. We are trying to understand when you forgotten how to horse.

It’s not that we WANT you to have a meltdown. If the sea is always calm, one never learns to sail the rough weather. Tell us what demons haunt your psyche. We need to figure out how to deal with Mr. Hyde before he appears again.

What’s the deal, Dude?

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

3 thoughts on “Hello Dr. Jekyll

  1. The inner workings of another living being are a mystery to others. Sometimes, they’re a mystery to that being as well. That’s why teamwork is so much work and when it does go well, it’s a miracle. Keep on keepin’ on.

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