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Milton has stopped pooping on the trailer. Well, he still poops if the trip is long enough or if a sufficient amount of nutritional by-product has reached the end of his digestive tract. He has stopped pooping because he’s on the trailer.

Poop-O-Meter points to relaxed.

When I groomed for or rode the crazy opinionated jumper mare [photo, story], she knew what it meant when I was the one getting her out of the field. Horse show! Horse show! She would start pooping immediately and continue at regular intervals. It was a masterwork of resource management. No matter how much she had generated, she could always squeeze out a few more balls. She did not do this in her daily life. It was a performance reserved for competition mornings.

Poop-O-Meter points to excited.

Milton still has trouble peeing anywhere other than at home. It is often his first act after getting off the trailer. Even before getting back into the field. I’m sure he’d prefer to make it over to his preferred pee spot in the pasture, but needs must. At least he held it until he got home. Or so I assume he thinks.

Piddle-Meter points to bashful bladder.

Horses are weird. But then, I’ve just spent an entire post considering horse poop and pee.

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5 thoughts on “The Poop-O-Meter

  1. New gelding pees at some point during EVERY trail ride. Sometimes twice. Even fairly short rides. In his defense, he’s a huge water-drinker, but still. He totally lets me know he’s gotta stop. Likes to amble over to the edge of the trail and strike a pose. Sometimes there are false alarms. Then we both sit/stand there looking a little silly and pretending it was part of the plan. Usually the process repeats itself a few minutes down the trail and we succeed in producing something worthwhile. No beans … the vet checked. Not sure what to do with all this information. It’s a total first for me!

    1. Me either. Mostly, I just rode and didn’t get caught up in anything. And it was tons of fun, too! (Maybe there’s something to that?) 😉

  2. I kinda like the horsekeeping part of it. Sometimes I think I’m better at that/enjoy it more, probably b/c I’m less stressed about my achievements in stall cleaning.

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