Safety Doesn’t Have to Be Ugly: Helmet-Hat Debut

Driving Thursday Been There, Done That competed with her combined helmet & driving hat at the 31st Annual ASAC Spring Classic Horse Show. The green hat, by Debbie Navelski of RodeApple Hats, is designed to fit snugly over a helmet. [Guest Post: It’s Let’s-Wear-A-Helmet Day!] The judge had no problem with a helmet in pleasureContinue reading “Safety Doesn’t Have to Be Ugly: Helmet-Hat Debut”

This Is Why I Am Paranoid Around The Barn

Saddle Seat Wednesday P is for a healthy concern for safety, not an obsession, not at all. If you are joining me from Blogging A To Z, welcome! Since the blog is already daily, with topics for each day [About: Schedule], there is no specific A To Z theme. I may even skip a fewContinue reading “This Is Why I Am Paranoid Around The Barn”

Ride PHAT for International Helmet Awareness Day

Taken by the Roaming Reader at the welcome station in Fair Haven VT. PHAT (Protect your Head at All Times) is a non-profit program that promotes the use of helmets in all sports where head injury is a serious risk. Its work is based on recent medical literature proving helmets work in preventing head injuriesContinue reading “Ride PHAT for International Helmet Awareness Day”

7 Answers

Over on Horse Collaborative, Haley Katherine Esparza takes an opposing viewpoint on the recent helmet safety awareness campaign. Not against safety, but against getting swept up into something to be regretted later. These are questions worth considering. Upon reflection, why did I decide to drop trou [The Naked Challenge] & did it work? To haveContinue reading “7 Answers”

Rodney’s Thoughts on My Posing Naked

For those of you who wonder how to take revealing pictures of oneself on a horse. [Challenge] Have your horses at home. Have a pasture surrounded by dense foliage and fields. Hope none of your neighbors are hunting that day. Wear easily removable clothing – less time to undress equals less time to stress. HaveContinue reading “Rodney’s Thoughts on My Posing Naked”

My Thoughts On Posing Naked

Will You Take #TheNakedChallenge? on Horse Collaborative The Naked Challenge on Facebook I took the challenge [The Naked Challenge]. How did it go? + Husband/photographer immediately doubled down. If we were doing this, then we were doing it right: a) I had to be riding & b) it had to be clear I was buck-naked.Continue reading “My Thoughts On Posing Naked”