Helmets at Shows, Postscript

I have said this before but it bears repeating: the saddleseat world has been totally cool with my helmet.

Helmets are not traditional saddleseat wear. Performance classes wear derbies or top hats, academy riders wear nothing. I, OTOH, wear an ASTM helmet with harness. I am nigh-on always in the minority, for both lessons and shows. However, I have not heard a negative word, seen a raised eyebrow, nor imagined a whisper of criticism aimed in my direction.

Personally, I got more static from the hunter world when the first, and supremely ugly, ASTM helmets came out back in the 90s. The materials were less space age, so the profile was far larger. The helmets looked as if an old Styrofoam bike helmet had been covered in black velveteen. We called them mushroom hats.

Currently, the dressage and eventing dressage worlds are undergoing helmet realignment. I am not in either world to gauge what is being said in person, but I have heard haughty sniffing noises in the media.

Score one for the saddleseat folks.
Gratuitous Sunset Picture

sunset oct 11 2013
Taken from the top of our pasture during an evening dog walk.

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