Horse Hunt (non)Progress Report #6

It’s looking like deja vu all over again. After a small flurry of activity, things are starting to go hinky. When we were shopping for Rodney, the weirdest things went wrong.

    We were scheduled to drive two hours south on a Friday only to have the horse turn up with a stone bruise. She swore the horse would be sound by Monday, did we want to come then? Um, thanks but why don’t you get him sound & call us?

    We never got to the Big Name Rider in our state. He went out of town. It snowed. I went out of town, Mathilda had the sniffles and we didn’t want to infect his barn. This went on for months.

    One trainer canceled a meet because the horses had just been vaccinated. Was this one of those sneak-attack vaccinations that come up without warning?

    I arranged to be at X barn on Y day at Z time. This was interpreted to mean I wasn’t interested in the horse.

    We asked a trainer if the horse in question was the sort that one had to pull or that one had to kick. She became irate and explained in a tone used to address imbeciles that all horses are one or the other. Well yes, that was our point.

    Another candidate was a young, green horse we found early on. We passed. As the months went by, we decided to give him a look. Photos and emails were exchanged. We chatted. We exchanged life histories. An appointment was made. The night before, she canceled. Never explained. Ever. Never contacted us again. Dropped off the planet. We posit that the young, green horse was taken for a final outing and acted a little too y&g. But we don’t know.

This time, we are starting to accumulate non-responses, even from folks who were initially happy to talk with us. Is it me? Do I offend without intending? If I’m going to piss you off, at least let me do it consciously so I can get my teeth into it.

Plus, we were all set to go check out a horse for sale at a local show only to have her go lame in the same storm that caused so much fun around here [Blustery]. Yes, **** happens with horses, but after last time, I’m prone to over-reaction.

I bought four horses before Rodney. Those four purchases combined did not give me a fraction of this much trouble.

Your horse buying experiences – similar to my early, easy ones or the later, hard slogs?
List of previous horse shopping posts.

Red Saddlepad
Turns out Dressage has the same up-or-out system as Show Jumping. I just wasn’t paying attention after the Grand Prix.
Low score for the GP Special: Patrick van der Meer riding Uzzo.
Lowest score to move on to GP Freestyle:Valentina Truppa riding Eremo Del Castegno.
I believe the scores reset for Thursday, so no one in last place here either [Tip].

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