Blustery Day

Enjoying the windfall.
Speaking of mare attitude [HHPR#5], I have a question for mare owners. Big storm yesterday morning. When we went out to check, Mathilda was frantic. Either she wanted to be let out of the barn or to be with Rodney. Since the former wasn’t going to happen, we caught him & brought him into her pen. Turns out she wanted to BE with him. As in, the world is ending, we must have sex now! Is this a normal mare response to stress or is Mathilda a horndog?

No Olympic thoughts. Caught a few rounds of the Eventing show jumping via the NBC live feed on the iPad while babysitting. Most of the day was horse hysteria, flood control, & clean up. Life on a farm.

Earning the Red Saddlepad for Eventing: Andrei Korshunov riding Fabiy.

2 thoughts on “Blustery Day

  1. not a normal mare response, but i’ve only had the one mare. whom you’ve ridden, so you know her,

  2. Seems like maybe a coincidence? My mare (and horses in general) do not like confinement during a big storm. They seem to prefer to be right in the thick of things. Together. Definitely together, though not together like that!

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