Spectating in the 21st Century

(Monthly pontification on blogging postponed until after the Games.)

Watching cross-country during morning graze.
Despite the daylight, the autoflash went off. Mathilda was NOT pleased. After this was taken, she stomped away. At one point, she spun so fast that I dropped the iPad, freezing the feed. It took us 10 minutes of fiddling to kill the app and restart the machine. Hard not to see that as revenge.

Snaps to Horse & Hound for live blogging during the competition. Great way to stay updated without running up the data plan. Of course, I could have used a third screen to show MSNBC, the NBC’s Live Stream and Horse & Hound. The ever increasing spiral of electronic toy obsession.

Anyone else notice the vet team member wearing a helmet?
Anyone else notice the sirens in the background during Dirk Schrade’s ride, or is that a firefighter thing?
Earning the Red Saddlepad for Eventing after Cross-Country: Samantha Albert riding Carraig Dubh.

How did you spent Monday morning?

A houseful of XC fans.

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