New Tank Syndrome

Sixteen years ago, I was fortunate to spend a month volunteering in Conyers, Georgia, the Equestrian site of the Atlanta Olympics. For the blog, it was my intention to spend the London Olympics, from Opening to Closing Ceremonies, on a sentimental journey much as I did during the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event [Peregrinatio to Aftermath].Continue reading “New Tank Syndrome”

Foto Friday: Reflection

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Olympics Earning the Red Saddlepad for Dressage Grand Prix, 1/2 way: Yassine Rahmouni riding Floresco. From Morocco, the 1st African representative in Olympic dressage. I caught his test. He was thrilled. & I tawt I taw a helmet! Go Canada! With regrets to their team. Why does eventing get 2 drop scores & dressageContinue reading “Foto Friday: Reflection”

Spectating in the 21st Century

(Monthly pontification on blogging postponed until after the Games.) Despite the daylight, the autoflash went off. Mathilda was NOT pleased. After this was taken, she stomped away. At one point, she spun so fast that I dropped the iPad, freezing the feed. It took us 10 minutes of fiddling to kill the app and restartContinue reading “Spectating in the 21st Century”