New Tank Syndrome

Sixteen years ago, I was fortunate to spend a month volunteering in Conyers, Georgia, the Equestrian site of the Atlanta Olympics. For the blog, it was my intention to spend the London Olympics, from Opening to Closing Ceremonies, on a sentimental journey much as I did during the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event [Peregrinatio to Aftermath]. However, spectating the Games, surviving the storm [Blustery], & having a faint vestige of a life (zoo volunteer, LEGO Volunteer) has gotten in the way of organizing a proper retrospective.

Plus, I find I am not as sentimental about the Olympics as I am about Rolex. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to be in Greenwich, running around keyboarding my fingers off. But I don’t drown in overwrought, emotional mistiness at the thought of the Games carrying on without me.

The problem is that the Games by definition are at a new place, with a new look, organized by new people.

The take-home message is that because of this the Games will never be as well run as Rolex, or the Pennsylvania National Horse Show, or Dressage at Devon, or any show that’s been in place for eons. The judges know how to judge. The volunteers know how to volunteer. But never together in this place.

I spent a lot of time before and in Conyers hearing of all the dire things that would go wrong. I heard the same about London. Yet, come the day, the judges and volunteers and company all seem to remember how to put on a horse show.

The Red Saddlepad for the Dressage Grand Prix: Yassine Rahmouni riding Floresco.

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  1. The naysayers will always naysay. The athletes are there to compete, and the volunteers to help them. I would guess the rest of the folks try to stay out of their way. 😉

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