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Yesterday, I got back from a five-day work-slash-vacation trip [AHP 0,1,2]. The reactions were varied:

I know Hubby missed me because I know how much miss him. Nothing cutesy about it. Our farm routine is optimized for two people. Therefore when one of us goes away, the other has signed up for several long days. The return conversation runs along theses lines: I’m glad you’re home … I’ve missed you … I’m exhausted … I’m going to bed.

Rodney didn’t remember exactly who I was. He jumped a bit when I patted him. However, once I showed an interest in loving on him, he was willing to be my best friend. R is a trifle indiscriminate in his affections.

Mathilda is equally indiscriminate. She doesn’t care which of her minions grazes her, cleans her stall, fetches her hay, serves her meals, walks her to the water trough, and on, and on.

Since Lady [Barn Dogs] is irrationally terrified of Hubby and irrationally attached to me, one would think that my departure would be traumatic and my return would be joyous. Unfortunately, she’s such a neurotic little soul it’s hard to see a difference. Little? Yes. She may weigh 80 pounds, but at heart she’s a teacup Chihuahua.

Of course, the weekend was hardest on one of the cats. Not nearly enough time was spent on the Adoration of Arthur [Return]. An oversight that I am being forced to rectify.


Do your beasts miss you?

4 thoughts on “Welcome Home

  1. My pet sitter waited for me to get home. When they get doted on, like they did with this new one, I think they’d almost keep the sitter. I got greeted and then off to play, like any other day or minute that I’m gone.

    On another note, thanks for inviting us down!! It was a great weekend!

  2. Oh my goodness- His Royal Highness Arthur is gorgeous! 🙂
    Henry (we are the staff couple that take care of Henry the long-haired domestic cat with four white feet) doesn’t mind as long as another staffer shows up to feed/love on him on a regular basis. But I do think he is glad when we’re back since he is a bit more clingy!

  3. Our fish note our arrival with interest. I am constantly amazed at how our shy fish will poke their heads out when we hover near the tank. They know we bring food. The automatic feeder feeds them when we travel, so life when we are gone is always more consistent then we are around. Come to think of it, maybe we make them anxious??

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