Foto Friday: Gratuitous Kittycake

3 Reasons why I am having a hard time dragging myself to the barn or getting any work done these days. Rhyme, Reason*, and their unnamed sibling came to live with us last weekend. Hubby returned from the grocery store, placed the phone in my hand, put a phone number from the public bulletin board in front of my eyes, and said, “Free kittens. Call them.” Perhaps the kittens will lead the way for the Basset & third horse [Going].

I will resist the temptation to devolve into a catblog, mainly because I lack the photo skills to do justice to the cuteness.

[*from a song in the movie The Phantom Tollbooth, from the book by Norton Juster, illustrated by Jules Feiffer [1961].]

6 thoughts on “Foto Friday: Gratuitous Kittycake

  1. I would never leave my house again. Too much cuteness! Third kitty, “Mo.” Or “Nod.” Or “Toc” if you are in the mood to nod to Phantom Tollbooth.

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