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Inspired by Jean Abernethy‘s artist card picked up in a previous year, I designed (I use the term loosely) and home-printed this 1/4 page flyer to hand out at the American Horse Publications seminar earlier this month [Day 0 – Permanence, Day 1 – FF: Old Grey Mare, Day 2 – Magazines & Me]. Since I didn’t do as much blog flogging as I had hoped in Williamsburg, I am repurposing it as a post. Never let text go to waste. While the flyer didn’t get me the massive bump in readership that I had fantasized about, I am still enchanted with my own cleverness. Particularly for one as graphically challenged as I.

OTOH, when I handed it to one person, she said she had seen one the day before, but didn’t know what to do with it. She was right. It has no call to action. No, “This is my blog. Come see it.” I had envisioned the flyer as an adjunct to conversation, not as a stand-alone piece. In the future: more marketing, less cleverness.

And yes, the naming contest is still on [Help]. Everything that is not mare care has been on hold.

What clever but cheap marketing have you done? (…That I can steal…)

3 thoughts on “Marketing 101

  1. And here you have distilled the essence of blogging: we are enchanted by our own cleverness. Clever marketing? I named my pony The $700 Pony. After the book I wrote about her. She had another name, but let me tell you the second that book contract came across the ethernet, her old name was yesterdays news.

  2. Ellen, you’re on to something. Hence the rampant popularity of blogging — if no-one else will express enchantment (least of all editors, whose responses tend towards one word “thanks” e-mails if submission is acknowledged at all), well then, we’re just going to have to be enchanted with our very own selves. Gawd, that’s sad. I’m going to pull down my blog forthwith and get a life.

    1. While you’re at the Life store, get me one too?

      But seriously folks, don’t pull down your blog (either one of you). *I* am enchanted with your cleverness. Unless, of course, you are swamped with paying gigs. Wouldn’t it be nice if it wasn’t worth our time to write for free? If I was a SF TV/movie star, I’d prefer be too busy with my career to go to DragonCon. But in the quiet times, staying busy is good. If nothing else, it keeps one from playing in traffic.

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