Horse Hunt Progress Report #4

Went to look at a horse today. Yeah me! Actually, yeah us. There was miscommunication about getting access to the barn & Hubby persevered while I was busy descending into a snit. Horse turned out to be a cribber. No one likes this habit, but I am extra leery as Rodney shows signs of proto-cribbing. A true cribber would just give him ideas.

I did answer one question. If I am waffling about looking at a horse, default to yes. As I said earlier, I could be wrong [HHPR#1]. Plus, if the horse doesn’t want to come live here, the visit is still valuable. Having an eye is like any other skill. It requires practice. The more I look, the more confidence I will have in my judgments. In deference to the seller’s time, I ask to be present when the horse will be worked anyway and don’t ask to ride. I’ll come back if we get that far.

Olympic Report
One of the few riders I caught on live streaming for the first day of eventing dressage was wearing a helmet! It was a dude & the Google says Linda Algotsson of Sweden was also. That makes two at least. Go helmet evangelists!

Cat Report
Y’all know Arthur, our wannabe barn cat [Barn Dogs] who kept me company at feeding time [King]. Now Mathilda is in her pen, the mealtime routine has changed. Therefore, Arthur has decreed that the Adoration of the Cat will occur during Mathilda’s grazing. I am learning to juggle soda/tea, book, and leadrope while maintaining an armload of purring cat.

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2 thoughts on “Horse Hunt Progress Report #4

  1. being a member in good standing of the always wear a helmet brigade, i was glad to hear that safety is taking a stance, at last, over fashion.
    i love ‘adoration of the cat’, lol

  2. A kind reader asked what cribbing was. Here is Wiki on the subject: “Cribbing (US) or crib biting (UK) is a compulsive behavior or stereotypy seen in some horses, and considered a stable vice. It involves the horse grabbing a solid object such as the stall door or fence rail with its incisors, then arching its neck, pulling against the object, and sucking in air.” ( For non-horse folk, yes, it looks just as weird as it sounds.

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