Watching the Games

DIRECTV customers: If your set-up is like mine: Go to NBC Sports Network, Channel 603. Wait for the red button with Summer Games to appear on screen. Press the red button on your remote. Wait for schedule to load. Pick Browse by Sport. Scroll down to Equestrian. Set alarm for 7:15 on Monday to get four hours of cross-country. Yippee. Adjust directions for local conditions. If you do not have DIRECTV, this will make no sense. However, you might wish to poke around within your system for similar goodies.

4 thoughts on “Watching the Games

      1. If one has a VPN, yes. So, my dear husband can stream for all of us. On his laptop. Those of us less 21st century cannot stream. The reason is simple: viewing of NBC footage is only sanctioned inside the US.

        We did watch Olympic coverage as we wandered through Croatia, although it was all in either Croatian or German. But now that we are home and have no local television access, we’re dependent on the VPN.

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