Going To The Dogs

Work: PM1 grooming, exercise [reverse poles – hither & yon]/PM2 grooming.
Report: one set of poles near the barn, another set in the middle of the field. The only variable was the distance from the barn. It was subtle but I think he walked more confidently the second time we headed out.

Ramblings for the Day: In an effort to find Basset Hound breeders in our area, we hauled ourselves out of bed this am in time make the first class of the day. Unfortunately, two Bassets were entered but none showed up. Before anyone asks, yes we have tried Basset Rescue. In two states. Many of the dogs are senior. Abby lived to be 17. We were hoping to put off replaying the special joys of a seriously senior dog for a few years. Another situation felt morally correct but legally dicey. We even offered to adopted a bonded pair. The sister was cool but the brother need a quiet, stress-free household. So not us.

Revved up animals. People in show clothes. Traffic jams at the ingate. Grooming areas that smell of shampoo. Announcers over the loudspeaker. Ring stewards looking for entries. Judges. Ribbons. Vendors. A dog show feels a lot like a horse show.

We are short of our arbitrarily imposed pet limits by one dog, two cats, and one horse. Stray cats have stopped coming up our driveway. I don’t begin to know how to start shopping for a third horse. And now we can’t even look at Bassets much less find one to adopt. Although I am an advertised cat person [Barn Dogs], I hoped that bringing in a dog might uncork whatever karmic blockage is keeping us from filling our household vacancies.

Do you speak cat &/or dog &/or horse?

4 thoughts on “Going To The Dogs

  1. What happened to the breeder that you found? I was hoping that would work for you. Did you want me to keep an ear open up here for breeders?

    1. Demand exceeded supply. Yes please. The dog selection committee is also open to adults: rescues, rehomings, or retired breeding stock.

  2. I speak cat. I always greet one of my colleagues with a sweet or sour purr to let him know my current mood, and he does the same. Then we chat about it.

  3. mmm – I never saw your reply…wonder why I don’t get those? Anyway, I will keep eyes/ears open.

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