Somewhat Happy Kid With a Kinda Happy Pony

Work: as yesterday, with 2 sets of weave cones.
Report: some binky (leadrope) chewing but overall pulled his socks up and went to work.

Ramblings for the Day: I had planned to complain. Even though we are making progress this spring, it is so far from what I had hoped to be doing that progress itself is often a source of despair. I even had a pun about me being a whine for all seasons.

I can’t. He did so well today. Simple, yes, but hard for him. After a good solid grooming to settle him down, I doused him thoroughly with fly spray & went out to the weave cones near the barn. We did it 4 times: starting left, starting right, swap ends and repeat. He managed to avoid both cones and fire ant hills, which put him one up on me.

Then we went way out past the far end of the ring to the second set of weave cones. I compromised and went around the ring instead of through it to avoid his reluctance to enter the ring. An issue for another day. We did another full set of weaves. A few longing gazes in the direction of the barn and one knocked-over cone but otherwise he listened and wove. I walk backwards and steer with his nose and neck as much as with his leadrope. Physical contact helps anchor him in this universe.

We only did one iteration instead of the two yesterday because a) the weave cones themselves take more concentration than the reverse poles and b) the second set are about twice as far from the barn. When we came back to the barn to repeat the first set of cones, they went so much more easily that I could feel how much more relaxed he was in this location versus working off in the far, far distance. (Okay, when I went to catch him, he was grazing even farther away. I believe that is termed Not a productive line of inquiry.)

I want to get upset and rage about all the shows we could be doing, but he tried so hard and he listened so well today. If I slow down and see things from his point of view, I can see the effort he puts into trying to understand and trying to do it right. How can I get mad at that?

What are your spring plans?

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  1. To clean my closets and utility rooms, finish the literary journal of student work at my school, finish my novel and two short stories for summer school, and assemble packets of stamped and addressed cards for my school mates so that we can keep in touch during next year. I have a pile of clearance Crane’s note cards that has been calling my name for some time.

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