Foto Friday: April Showers

Work: ? Plans big. Motivation low. Day not over.

Ramblings: One from the archives during a trip to Saratoga in 2008.

Bloggers are ever on the alert for what The Flirty Blog calls “bloggable moments”. Having generated trunkloads of text over the years, I adapted quickly to twisting bits of my life into posts [First Draft]. Seeing events as potential photographs comes less easily. Hence the trip down memory lane.

What is the most amusing barn decoration you have encountered?

3 thoughts on “Foto Friday: April Showers

  1. The photography blog PhotoBotos was nice enough to like this post. After seeing what was posted for the featured photograph today (really go look,, I don’t even want to claim mine in the same field of endeavor. My eye for content is okay, but the technical level verges on non-existent. If I were writing at that level, I’d still be at Dick-and-Jane. Yeah, yeah, we all learn and grow, yadda, yadda. I want to be brilliant & I want to be brilliant now!

  2. Sometimes, photo ops, like life, just happen. A journalist covering a story uses her camera differently than a photographer of the passing scene. And different still is the photograph as art approach. Your father was tapped for his secret society while lying belly down on a lawn, photographing a flower. With your genes and a good camera…

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