Foto Friday: Horses of Colonial Williamsburg

Better photographers all over the Internet have taken scenic shots of the Colonial Williamsburg horses in action. My tour is of the things only horse folks could care about:

Yes, horses actually use this.
The barn is cool, airy …
… and safe.
So tidy!
With this as a wash area …
… I might keep my leather this clean.
Author making friends with Cavalier, a 5yo American Cream Draft.
Photo by Karen Smith.

Thank you to the Colonial Williamsburg Coach & Livestock staff for entertaining a horde of thirsty journalists & to Alltech and the American Quarter Horse Foundation for sponsoring the reception and shuttle [Why].

6 thoughts on “Foto Friday: Horses of Colonial Williamsburg

      1. Oh thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you for doing this so much I went to Williamsburg and I do not know who that creamy horse but I dubbed him Creamy naturally but I just miss him so much and he is so adorable I just love him

  1. been to williamsburg lots of times but never got to see the stable area. wow!
    is that really you with all that grey hair?!

      1. i’m still more pepper than salt, but what is coming in is coming in really white, skipping the gray stage completely. at the rate it’s changing i’ll probably be 90 before it’s all white, lol!

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