Digital Killed the Party

Day 4 of my Journey of the Spirit to the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event. The press tent isn’t fun anymore. I have the gray hair. I’ve done the time. Let the curmudgeoning begin. Back in the day, when the competition and the press conferences were over, writers and photographers were done. No horses to photograph.Continue reading “Digital Killed the Party”

Another Day, Another Set of Poles

Work: reverse poles, hither & yon, as Saturday. Report: workmanlike & unexciting, which is the point. Although I was tempted to go for the third & farthest set of poles, I am learning from past mistakes [Doom, Nevermind]. The plan is to solidify what works before moving on [Boredom]. Ramblings for the Day: I’m notContinue reading “Another Day, Another Set of Poles”

Retail Therapy

Work: PM1 groom & walk, 3 short loops with off-side leading for variety & the dog for distraction/PM2 groom. Report: An easy day as a break from having to concentrate (him) & having to be patient (me). Given that, he was pushier than required. Pass but no star. The dog’s temporary barn reinstatement is herebyContinue reading “Retail Therapy”