Another Day, Another Set of Poles

Work: reverse poles, hither & yon, as Saturday.

Report: workmanlike & unexciting, which is the point. Although I was tempted to go for the third & farthest set of poles, I am learning from past mistakes [Doom, Nevermind]. The plan is to solidify what works before moving on [Boredom].

Ramblings for the Day: I’m not going to stop grooming. I’m going to stop yapping about it. Mainly because it ceases to be grooming after the first few minutes. He’s so fat and shiny that the dust just slides off. The rest of the time I am currying, brushing, toweling an already clean horse in an ongoing attempt to fill his bottomless need for affection. Let’s skip listing the grooming sessions from here on. Just assume massive amounts of attention are being being showered on the horse unless otherwise noted.

What is your horse’s favorite part of being groomed?

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