Shopping, Sorta

Pat me on the back. I went to see a horse. Okay, there was a snowball’s chance in summer that anything would come of it, but I entertained the possibility. A friend told me that the local animal shelter had a horse for adoption. I went because a) Mark Todd says you should go look at every horse. There is that snowball’s chance that it might be Charisma standing out in that dog pen & b) more realistically, I could post a few shots on Facebook & with local horse groups. By the time I arrived the next day, she had already been adopted. Score one for the good guys.

She was as homely as you could expect a shelter horse to be. Each individual section had its merits, on six different horses. She had a head so roman and so ugly that it was coming back around to cute, what the French call “jolie laide“. She looked up from the grass long enough to give me look that said, “Yeah, I know you’re there. I just don’t chose to care.” Given a home that wants attitude over athleticism, she’ll be a star.

As I was unsure about the privacy issues of posting a picture of an adopted horse – especially given the kind things I had to say about her, Instead, I give you their fire hydrant. Someone there has a sense of humor.

Back on the homefront: just when I thought activity around here had come to a screeching halt, we hit triple-digit heat & everything slows down even further. Rodney is too sweaty to groom. It’s too hot to take Mathilda out for a graze, other than first thing am & last thing pm. While I know it is for therapy, I cannot bring myself to put heating pads on their backs in this weather.

A chance to catch up on work, you say? Clean the house? Not so. Our ancient HVAC system has finally died, requiring not only a new AC but all new duct work. Project has been scheduled but will take several days. So, cool air is two weeks at best. It’s hard to rev up the energy to do more than press buttons to summon electronic entertainment. With the shaded, airy barn & heavy-duty fans, the horses have it better off than we do. Not unusual chez nous.

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2 thoughts on “Shopping, Sorta

  1. what is phil and paul?
    can you just hose the horses down and let evaporation cool them, or is the humidity too bad?
    why not stay in the barn for a while? we’re in triple digits on and off here, humidity bad, power out for a while but back now – windstorm was horrendous, tore a mature maple tree in half.
    love your comments on the shelter horse.
    oh, did you know that “dump” finally got proper indoor plumbing? LOL

    1. P&P: You have a library degree. Can’t you figure out from the link?
      Hosing: Yes. Often.
      Barn: no TV, no bed. Heat = naps.
      Plumbing: will wonders never cease.

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