ISO Truck

We are being dragged, kicking and screaming, towards ordering a new truck.

What we want is simple, a 3/4-ton, extended-cab pickup, probably a Ford, capable of hauling a gooseneck trailer. Doesn’t exist.

Dealers carry striped-down work trucks or fancy, 4-door, leather-seated, lux wagons.

The used market has a few. If the price is reasonable, the mileage is not. We don’t need an old, high-mileage truck with problems. We have one of those.

New or used, the last time we had the towing package added after-market, the mechanic punched a hole in the gas tank.

Fortunately, unlike ISO a suitable date, or ISO a suitable horse, we can have a suitable truck made to our specifications, with the towing capacity dyed in the wool.

We are looking at the options and girding our loins to enter the lion’s den dealership.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

4 thoughts on “ISO Truck

  1. I find it sort of fun. I like negotiating with dealerships because they underestimate me tremendously… it’s fun to start standing up for “the walk out” before they realize you’re serious. Just research what price tag is fair for what you want, and don’t budge. Good luck!

  2. We have not had good juju with dealers. One flat-out lied to us about what post-purchase service would include. Another used guilt to get a better deal, catching us unprepared to fight back. I am SO ready to, um, negotiate.


  3. do it online. I had great luck with that. There are several free services. And you don’t have to get in the negotiating deal with those unless you want to / or they don’t follow the plan. You can choose to hang up on those or you can play with them which I did and got myself a good deal. I had already chosen a place to go but they really wanted me to come to them so they gave me the exact same deal for more things and I only accepted it because they were closer (I didn’t like that they went outside of the online piece that said this is what I want, give me a price – period).

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