Truck Update

Harder to replace than one might think.
Harder to replace than one might think.

I wasn’t kidding when I said what we wanted was hard to find. [ISO Truck]

Dealers have found two, count them two, 2016 Ford F-250s with extended cabs. The one in North Carolina has a 6 1/2′ bed instead of an 8′ bed. Not optimal for carting hay. The one in Arizona – you read that right, Arizona – has enough bling installed that the price is beyond what we want to pay. Hint, we live nowhere near NC nor Arizona.

The 2017 is a complete redo. Therefore, we’d like to pat and feel one before we invest. These models will not be at dealers until September.

So we wait.

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Katherine Walcott

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  1. Sorry it’s so hard. That is the problem with the end of the production year though that’s even worse than I would expect. I hope you like the 2017 model.

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