What Happens at a Model Horse Show?

Central AL Live Model Horse Show Feb 28, 2015 Alabama Horse Fair Garrett Coliseum Montgomery, AL USA Disclaimer: One person’s opinion after one show. Experienced hobbyists, please weigh in with questions, comments, concerns. Second disclaimer: Long post. Take-away message – model showing is immensely complicated. Well worth checking out. Last month, I competed at myContinue reading “What Happens at a Model Horse Show?”

Art Foto Friday: Color Cat

Last time [Threshold Cat] was black and white. Today, the other end of the GIMP spectrum. Arthur (Because I’m going to wonder how I did this.) Color > Color Balance, maximum color levels Color > Hue-Saturation > maximum Saturation Original Milton Color > Hue-Saturation > maximum Hue, Lightness & Saturation Original Strangely, the photo ofContinue reading “Art Foto Friday: Color Cat”

Shopping: My First Model

Chinese Year of the Horse. Breyer model # 1715, mold # 717. “The Esprit mold was designed specifically for the 2010 World Equestrian Games (WEG). It was sculpted by Kathleen Moody.” Identify Your Breyer: Espirit As I understand it, “model” refers to the paint job, “mold” refers to the underlying body type. Breyer has retiredContinue reading “Shopping: My First Model”

Show Today: CALMHS, Montgomery, AL

I’m going to a horse show today. It’s a live show. It has horses. It doesn’t have live horses. Okay, enough cuteness. I will be competing in my first model horse show: Central Alabama Live Model Horse Show. It’s a “live” show in that people bring their models to a physical location. The alternative isContinue reading “Show Today: CALMHS, Montgomery, AL”

All Hail Augustus Invictus, A Guest Post

This was the post that got me thinking about model horse showing. Welcome Beth. How A Billboard In Vienna Helped Win A Ribbon In Atlanta: The Wonderful Craziness of Model Horse Shows by Beth Patterson My name is Beth and I’m an addict. I’m addicted to plastic ponies. Not the ones from youth with theContinue reading “All Hail Augustus Invictus, A Guest Post”