Show Today: CALMHS, Montgomery, AL

I’m going to a horse show today. It’s a live show. It has horses. It doesn’t have live horses.

Okay, enough cuteness.

I will be competing in my first model horse show: Central Alabama Live Model Horse Show. It’s a “live” show in that people bring their models to a physical location. The alternative is a photo show, where photos are mailed in while competitors stay home.

How are the models judged? How are the classes run? How will I know where to be when? Haven’t a clue. I’ve talked to folks. I’ve seen pictures of tables in show reports on Braymere Custom Saddlery. I’ve read “The ‘ABC’s’ of Model Horse Showing” by Tracy Tariska on the Breyer site as recommended by the show organizer. Still lost. Bearing peppermints, I shall respectfully throw myself on the mercy of the organizer and other competitors. I foresee no problems with this plan. These are my people. Horse folks are always willing to talk.

Who’s coming? Of mine, Spotted (actually a clean stunt double) and Mr. Spot. The are both Knabstruppers from the Schleich line. I’m also bringing about a dozen or so of the herd sent to me by a friend [Surprise]. This is the equivalent of pulling horses out of the field and saying, ‘Eventing sounds like fun. Let’s go.’

My goal is to have an adventure and get a blog post out of it. Win/win. If I do well, I will have a good time. If Spotted & I get thrown out on our ears for breaking every rule in the book, I will have a great story.

One thing I’ve learned already, getting the horses loaded is a lot less traumatic:

mh box backseat


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  1. I’ve only recently heard of this; sounds interesting! All very cute, though. Was thinking of getting myself a My Little Pony; wonder if they have shows too!

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