Spotted in NYC 2017

Spotted filling the gap while horses – and people – get back to work after Milton’s surgery.

Spotted in Times Square

Spotted on the world’s most minimalist bench.

I’ve been wanting to see these murals in person ever since I saw them online [T-Shirts for the Barn]. NYC Subway – Artwork: Alice: The Way Out (Liliana Porter) Finding NYC – Subway Station Art: 50th Street Station

Fearless Girl & Bull photo originally appeared in New York Cliché, Guest Post: Born and Raised a New York Native….But Now? [In Which I Reblog Myself].
In transit


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  1. I really enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing. I was born in NYC, but my parents moved to suburban NJ when I was about 2 and then here to Maryland about 55 years ago. Maryland is home.

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