In Which I Reblog Myself

… what should i do in New York City … this looks like fun … this restaurant looks good … a lot of these recommendations come from New York Cliché … i should see if she’s free for a blogger meet-up … wait, i can’t ask a total stranger to meet … can i? … genius idea. She’s an actress. i’ll ask if there are any performances we can attend … that sounds less stalker-ish … silence … she’s in this New York Cliché, Drunk Restoration Comedy Presents: Meaneth Girls or the Tragedy of Regina George, but it’s not playing while we are there … i tried … that was a fun trip … email from New York Cliché… didn’t see letter-sorry to miss-hope you had a great time-did i have any stories-would i like to guest post? … guest post? guest post? cool … i can talk about this, and this, and this … wait, a story is narration, this is exposition … well, it’s what i got … if she doesn’t use it, i can … she likes it! she likes it! … maybe this will be my breakout post … the one that gets Freshly Pressed, and goes viral, and gets quoted years from now by other bloggers [Blogging Goals] … but without the nasty side effects of fame, The Everywhereist: My Post About Feminism Went Viral. Days Later, My Twitter Account Was Hacked … is it out yet? … no … is it out yet? … no … is it out yet? … it’s out! New York Cliché, Guest Post: Born and Raised a New York Native….But Now? … my first guest post written to purpose! … i’ll post the link here and here and here … how sweet … comments! … that was nice of her to say … and … nothing … no fireworks stats … no global recognition of my brilliance … the world moved on … how dare it … i wonder if this is how if feels to write a book, sell a nice number of copies, and then have it fade into the sunset … i can reblog it … reblogging myself, is that meta or next-level narcissism? … at least i got a blog post out of it.


This is a screenshot. For the rest of the post, please click on the image or visit New York Cliché, Guest Post: Born and Raised a New York Native….But Now?

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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