We – The Unicorns … Arrive, Guest Post

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We – The Unicorns … Arrive

Story and Photographs by Meg McKinney


A small herd of unicorns emerged from my mailbox, without prior notification, or tracking number, one day this spring. I don’t know how they got there; perhaps an admin from another universe shipped them.

Seeing these four unicorns standing at the entrance, I was reminded of a horse trailer, with the high, round roof, and loading ramp.

Upon closer a closer look (I was trying to get my mail), I could see that each one has a different personality, color, and animated features.

After a few whinnies, and I promised not to mail them back to their previous location – which they wouldn’t reveal, they told me their names.

“Mystic” is green, high-stepping, and seems ever-ready for adventure, or, at least, center stage.

“Twinkle” is pink. With mane flying, she looks ready for a gallop, here on earth, or in the clouds. She pranced about the mailbox lid, and then went back in line, when the other unicorns cautioned her about being in a new, unknown place.

“Starlight” is blue, and could be the herd’s scout, or head of security, watching for predators, or the traffic on my street.

“Melody” is purple, and looks like a staff coordinator, possibly the one who makes sure there is food and shelter wherever they roam.

Unicorns are mythical creatures, credited with an aura of innocence and power beneath their glittery surfaces. For now, this colorful, miniature herd is among us, here in Birmingham, Alabama, USA.

Let’s follow them, for as long as we can.

Photographing, and writing about, toy unicorn models is a welcome challenge presented by Virtual Brush Box, during the pandemic of the coronavirus. My professional photography work came to a sudden stop, when the shelter-in-place guidelines became effective.

The opportunity to create fictional storytelling — a complete diversion from the worlds of photojournalism and corporate photography –- is new territory, and pushes my skill sets. This is good for every photographer.

Follow “We – The Unicorns…” as they let me know when, and where, they roam.

Editor’s note: The unicorns have been traced back to a breeding farm in New Jersey, here.

7 thoughts on “We – The Unicorns … Arrive, Guest Post

  1. This is so fantastic! Love the color and lighting, and look forward to the adventures… Meg!! Hope all is well and love seeing your work! I have happy memories of working with you years ago when I was in Birmingham, and am thrilled my two favorite folks in AL are friends. Stay safe – that goes for everyone! Please take care

  2. Meg, another great shoot & story. You have always amazed me. Stay safe, love Debra & Fam

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