Hay Commentary, Or How To Send Back A Meal When You Don’t Have Thumbs


Lucky enough to have a horse.


Sorry about the poop pic, but it was too good to resist. sorrynotsorry

For breakfast, horses get one flake of yummy, green alfalfa hay and one flake of normal, boring coastal hay. Both horses eat the good stuff first, as one does. Rodney is a member of the clean plate club these days. Milton flings the coastal out of his way with his nose. Sometimes he leaves it for elevenses. Sometimes he ignores it all together.

The rational part of my mind says that Milton pushed the coastal away and then moved about. The hay happened to end up under his nether regions. It is of note that the hay has still square from the bale.

Pffft on rational.

Here is what I think of this hay! I poop in your general direction!

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

4 thoughts on “Hay Commentary, Or How To Send Back A Meal When You Don’t Have Thumbs

  1. The number of people I wish I could say that to (“I poop in your general direction”) grows every time I read the news…I feel ya, Milton.

  2. If I ground feed, my boys will poop, pee or lay in any hay they’re not thrilled about eating. (The mare wastes NOTHING. Ever.) That’s why I never ground feed anymore.

  3. I removed the message & the hay was eventually eaten. For them, leaving/cleaning up has more to do with amount. If we balanced the two, they do a reasonably decent job of finishing. Except for alfalfa. That gets cleaned down to the dust.

    As for flinging poop at the news … oy.

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