Low Key Photo Challenge, Holiday


Captain Nutcracker by Breyer. From Carousel Tack Shoppe, cleverly displayed next to the check-out counter.

Process Notes
Taken with phone. Brought big camera to barn. Planned to hang ornament. This set-up caught my eye, after Milton checked the ornament for treats, but failed to do so photogenically. Not enough hands to do with big camera.

Thus the formal period for the Low Key Photo Challenge ends as it began, with my phone camera. “Mission success will be defined as at least once a month for six months.” [Inaugural Edition]. Check. Nine posts in five months, at least one per month.

(Honestly, I didn’t realize I was a month short until I read this post after it was published. Sigh. Oh well, I’m calling it half a year and declaring victory. As I said earlier [Dabbling], I’m trying to reduce the number of arbitrary requirements that I impose on myself. This is not a new phenomenon [Where Do We Go From Here? 2012].)

I’ll stay with the photo challenge, but in a more relaxed fashion. As in, when the mood strikes or when a good idea occurs. Or, when it goes viral and folks are clamoring for weekly challenges. A dog can dream.

Procedure for Low Key Photo Challenge
1) I post photo(s) on a given theme.
2) You comment below with a link to your photo(s) on that theme.
3) We all click over to see what you have.

That’s it. No prizes. No rules. No submissions. For more explanation, [Inaugural Edition]

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