Low Key Photo Challenge, Rain



Process Notes
Top: avant garde or just weird?
Bottom: Not bad for a non-macro lens.

Procedure for Low Key Photo Challenge
1) I post photo(s) on a given theme.
2) You comment below with a link to your photo(s) on that theme.
3) We all click over to see what you have.

That’s it. No prizes. No rules. No submissions. For more explanation, see [Inaugural Edition].

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Milton came over to check us out. No idea where the scratch on his neck came from. Ow!

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

2 thoughts on “Low Key Photo Challenge, Rain

  1. Macro is tough. I actually once did a weekend workshop with a macro photographer named Mike Moats. Great guy, learned a lot, most of which I’ve since forgotten. What he really taught best though, was how to see the macro possibilities in everyday stuff. Like, how to pick out that one unusual feature on a flower in a garden full of look-alike blooms. https://anothercowgirlup.wordpress.com/2018/10/26/rain/

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