Rollerskates for Grandma, Milton’s New Jump

In our family, rollerskates for grandma is giving an item that you plan to use. Well, Stepping Stone Farm has its first jump. My amazing carpenter chose to make short standards so that a) we could lunge over them and b) any weenie, teenie jumps I eventually take would look more impressive.

We bought two sets of one-handed jump cups from Dapple Equine as a test run before we invest in them for home jumps. Listen to me. Talking about jumping at home. As if that is gonna happen any time soon. Am I optimistic? Or delusional? Where is the line? But I digress.

Onwards! Upwards!

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

7 thoughts on “Rollerskates for Grandma, Milton’s New Jump

  1. Looking good! This is very promising! By the way, do you like the dapple cups? These look pretty handy.

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