Let The Festivities Begin, SSF Christmas Party 2018

Can you imagine! Coach Courtney called me a saddle seat rider! The nerve! As part of the year-end wrap-up, she introduced the National Academy Team [Show Report]. She started off by saying that I ride in another discipline. Then she said I was really a saddle seat rider! How dare she! It’s not like I’m at the barn often. Er. Or that I show a lot. Oh. Or that I have been a jumper rider in this decade. Well. Or an eventer in this century. Nevermind.

Happy barn party season!

Tree at Stepping Stone Farm.

Gifts ready for dirty Santa. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Coach Courtney announces Tommy as one of the new leases for next year [Party Horses].

Meg rescues me from a selfie with the World’s Greatest Horse [Thoughts]. Note the victory vest [More Loot].

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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