That Elusive Sunday Blue, Show Report, National Academy Championship Horse Show, 2018

Adventures in Saddle Seat


Tigger models our winning ribbon.

National Academy Championship Horse Show
Tennessee Miller Coliseum
Murfreesboro, TN USA
November 2-4, 2017

Friday Morning
2. Academy WTC Equitation–Adult, 4th of 13
7. Academy WTC Pleasure–Adult, 8th of 13
Thank you to Lily Cofield & the Cofield family for Bel Cheval’s I’m Joanie

Saturday Morning
31. Academy WTC Equitation–Adult Championship, 9th of 13
36. Academy WTC Pleasure–Adult Championship, 3rd of 13

Sunday Morning
63. Academy WTC Pleasure National Finals–Adult, Top Ten, 1st of 12/13
71. Academy WTC Equitation National Finals–Adult, Top Ten, no ribbon (10th) of 12
Thank you to Veronica Tenerowicz for Tigger by Tiger

Official Photographer, Sandra Hall

I won the first final (!!!). I squeaked into 10th in the next one. Judges placed me first. Judges placed me 10th, or worse. Often in the same class. It was that kind of weekend. Sometimes a judge just doesn’t like the smell of your perfume. That’s fine. I’ve surfed the upside on enough occasions. If you don’t want your results influenced by personal opinion, take up jumpers. Or barrel racing.

The Classes, Minus One
First class. Joannie and I had one outright error on our shake-down cruise. I went to maneuver around another rider and we broke at the canter. My bad. 4th.

Second class. Much better ride, as voted by both self and observers. 8th. Huh?

Third class. With no obvious adjustments to make, we tried a different horse rider match-up. Tigger had always been in reserve for the pattern class on Sunday. We moved up the switch. I badly mauled the canter transition in front of two of the three judges. Also unsure of horse. This was my third ride on Tigger. 9th.

Fourth class. Cleaned up the canter transition. More sure of my ride. 3rd.

Fifth class. See below. 1st.

Sixth class. The brio that stood us in good stead for the first final bubbled over in the second one. The judges did not like me stampeding around their nice, pretty ring. Ah me. Win some; lose some, but usually not that quickly. That’s horses for you. 10th.

The Class
All of the above was by way of setting the stage. In the ring, I had excellent moments mixing with constantly fixing little errors. I had some traffic management incidents, that would either earn me points for getting out of them or lose me points for getting into them in the first place. I pulled into the line-up feeling that the class had gone well but not perfectly.

Headers invited into the ring. Waiting. I make top ten. Nice. Not guaranteed but not unexpected. Third place. Not me. Second place. Not me. Oh well. I put in good rides. It wasn’t my weekend. Since they only award to third place, no ribbon. Probably fourth.

First place. 427. Say WHAT?

The shock I saw on Coach Courtney’s face was undoubtedly mirrored on my own. We had done it! It was most definitely a “we” situation.

My pole-axed look was quickly replaced with the quiet, gracious dignity for which I am so well known. HA! One is supposed to hoot and holler for riders in the ring, not for one’s self while riding. Too bad.

After all these years [Showtime 2012, Red Queen 2017 retrospective], you’d think I would have more to say. I’m sure I will, eventually. Ditto media. Right now, I’m gobsmacked. And tired. And thrilled. Mostly, gobsmacked.

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Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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  1. I so enjoyed reading your recap of the weekend. I am so glad that Tigger came through for you! Yea, that canter though!! 🙂 Congratulations for your hard work has been rewarded!

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