And I’m Off, Once More

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Heading to Nationals tomorrow. Let us all be shocked. [2013, 2014, 2015&2016, 2017]

I wasn’t gonna go. Really and truly. This year, lots of Milton; not much saddle seat. In mid-August, I sent Coach Courtney a calm, well-reasoned email explaining why I was not putting myself through the hell that is Nationals.

Her response? You could show Dottie.

Screeeeeeech. Stop the train.

I adore Dottie. I’m not sure that we would do any better than our second places last year, but I just love showing her. However, she would not be available until after the suit horses where done for the season. So I showed Joanie [Show Report]. We got along.

Who to ride?

Dottie is the better horse (Sorry, Joanie). Joanie is easier to ride (Sorry, Dottie). Dottie is a high performance model with clear ideas about how she wants her riders to conduct themselves. Joanie mainly asks that her riders stay out of her way.

Which chestnut mare to choose?

I went with the theory that, when given a choice, choose the one you haven’t tried before. So tomorrow, Joanie and I will be on our way to Murfreesboro. I leave animals in the care of my handsome farmhand. I leave you in the capable hands of several guest posters.

It wouldn’t be November without Nationals.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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  1. Good luck! Let us know if you want to venture to Nashville! Safe travels and HAVE FUN!

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