An Attempt To Freeze Time

Adventures in Saddle Seat

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I wasn’t going to show you this because framing a ribbon is over the top, even for me.

I shared the picture because Craig Zernik of Four Corners Gallery did such a nice job. He put the ribbon on a backing so that it floats in space. He was able to include the trophy while keeping the frame from being ridiculously huge, instead of simply huge. You can see part of the Top Ten sash lining the side.

I had the ribbon framed to keep it as pretty and fresh as the day they put it Tigger’s bridle. Much harm can come to a defenseless ribbon. One needs to …

Protect from fading. It is a cosmic injustice of horse showing that the ribbon color most prone to fading is blue. One is left with a dull purple. Ask me how I know. The class is UV museum glass.

Protect from dust.

Protect from damage. I was prescient here. The cats have decided to attack anything with a tassel. I am finding 2017 ribbons all over the house [ASHAA Awards]. Plus, that delicate fretwork trophy was never going to survive.

Ain’t it lovely?

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Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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  1. Fading…ahh…I recently started to go thru my bucket of ribbons – horse show, county fair, etc. – before deciding it was too depressing. But I did find a couple of (5th place) ribbons dating back to 1967…don’t remember that at all…

  2. They did an outstanding job! Kudos to you for framing- I have one set of ribbons from a long-ago show framed and I love it!

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