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ASHAA Awards for 2017

Saddle Seat Wednesday

American Saddlebred Horse Association of Alabama banquet for the 2017 competition year.

My Ribbons & Trophies

Champion WTC Adult Showmanship
Champion WTC Adult Equitation
Champion Academy Driving
High Point Adult Academy Rider

The high-point prize was a hand-painted glass of your horse, in this case Milton.

At first blush, it seems silly to have a separate Adult High Point when there is only one Adult Academy division. However, if the award included both adults & kids, an adult might show often enough to win it anyway, as I did the first year [Awards]. This takes a ribbon away from a kid. Not a fan [Quietude]. It would be even more likely now, with my points from driving. I’m happy to have it the way it is.

Close-up of high-point table: Amateur, Juvenile, Academy Child, Academy Adult, Trophies, State Awards, Barn Awards.

Trophy Theory
Last year, the ribbons were the same, but suit got better trophies. This year, same trophies; fancier ribbons. Either way, I agree. Suit should have better loot.

Ribbon Tables. Academy on the left, suit on the right, high-point in the middle.

Amusing the Masses
This year, each suit division winner was introduced with one or two factoids. I imagine it was a slog for the trainers write up, particularly for folks who won multiple divisions. For the audience, it was a great way to enliven a long list of names.

List of previous posts [Saddle Seat Banquets].

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

Comments on: "ASHAA Awards for 2017" (5)

  1. Congratulations!!! Pretty tables, great prizes- it sounds like a terrific evening! Great job!!!

  2. Could we have some examples of those factoids? Sounds interesting

  3. Awesome swag for the woman who loves it 🙂 ! Congrats!!

  4. @all: Thank you.

    @Joan: Can’t recall any at the moment. Hobbies, pets, good luck charms, things of that nature.

    @Amy: I do love me some loot.

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