Or Qompeting against the Qids

The barn is at a show this weekend. I am much less stressed than the last time. [Show Pix]

Due to the byzantine nature of the points system [The Point Is], this show would garner the lowest, non-zero number of points, regardless of how well I did. If I can’t go to them all, this is a good one to skip. (Of course, I WANT to go to them all. Time, money, and common sense have prevailed.)

Plus, I have taken an unreasonable dislike to this show. In a flat class, an arena is an arena. Given a minimum standard of facilities, there is no logical reason to prefer one show over another. Yet I do. Perhaps it’s the atmosphere. Perhaps it’s the route to the show. It requires travel on an Interstate to which I have also taken an unreasonable dislike: long, boring, isolated, yawn.

Plus, plus, there is only one set of Walk/Trot/Canter classes for all ages. I’ve said previously that I don’t mind competing against kids [Show Report Chattanooga]. Turns out, that holds true for Championship classes when all the divisions are lumped together. I get squicky when I think about taking regular-class ribbons from munchkins. I’ll do it [Show Report: ProAm], and fight like demon to win, but part of me doesn’t like it [Programming]. Also, the feeling has increased now that I am cantering. More on this once I figure out why.

Of course, I am making the condescending assumption that the ribbons mean more to the munchkin than to me. For all I know she – usually it’s she – is a jaded show veteran who has been showing in Academy since she was 5, is moving to suit at the next show, and is just as happy to let the old lady have a few moments of glory before they prying the reins from her arthritic paws.

Still, given the choice, I’ll pick shows that have Adult-only WTC.

Photo by Courtney Huguley
Photo by Courtney Huguley

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