Puddle for Foto Friday


SSF puddle wm

The watery abyss in front of the covered arena. Proof that a delicately-raised American Saddlebred has no interest in being an event horse.

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5 thoughts on “Puddle for Foto Friday

  1. Ha! Yesterday my very NON event horse had to pass through a gate that had a small lake off on the other side. Granted, we only had to delicately step over a very tiny runoff stream to enter the arena (which we did very competently several times last week, thankyouverymuch), but when I turned to face the gate to close it she decided the nearness of the water was simply too much to bear. As I s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d (on one foot) to latch the gate she pulled back, throwing me off balance. I did a half-spin to turn and face her, which spooked her more and she shied into the water. Yes all four feet INTO the water. (Huh? I thought you were afraid of the evil water!) This threw me off balance even MORE and I promptly followed suit. Into the muddy water. With. Both. Feet. I gave up trying to stay dry (or composed) and just went with it. *Sigh* Dessert horses. Gotta love ’em! (Or not, sometimes!)

    PS. After all the drama we had a good ride!

  2. Your photo brought back some flashbacks of my horse “Nellie”. She was actually a Heinz 57, part Shetland, some others mixed in lol. I was certain there was a bit of Mule in there but your post makes me think it was universal on ‘puddles’. 🙂 Great post!

    1. Well the thing that caught me by surprise was even though she’s not an event type of gal, she’s an experienced trail horse who has crossed fast moving rivers that are well over knee deep! So even after 50 years of trying I guess I can’t claim to know what goes on in the mind of a horse! 😉

  3. May I brag about Rodney? I so seldom get the chance.

    From Rain Games, “He’s also bold. We stopped at the edge of a temporary rushing streamlet. I thought he was uncertain. No, he checked it out to see if the water was worth a drink and then plopped his feet smack in the middle as he walked through. I know this doesn’t automatically translate to water jumps, but it’s a good start.” https://rodneyssaga.com/2013/07/08/rain-games/

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