Old Age Arrives


Remember the show tweet where I was asked if I had grandkids? [Hashtags]

At the same show, I was informed that I would henceforth deliver my shirt to a professional cleaners. It would be washed, starched, and ironed to an acceptable standard. Here’s what came back on the ticket:

dry cl

Oh my.

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8 thoughts on “Old Age Arrives

    1. Because I am such a sweet, young thing that I give off the air of being a trophy wife married to a rich, older man & therefore getting his AARP spouse exemption?

  1. Years ago, When my Mom, your grandmother, and I were in San Francisco, she was super delighted to find that seniors rode the public buses at no charge. She was in her seventies at the time and there were’t a lot of senior perks back then. She was like a kid in a candy store! We saw lots of SF by bus.

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