Hashtags – Show Tweets: Pro Am, Perry, GA


The proper use of hashtags, I believe, is to group tweets from the same event. Let’s say a bunch of folks go to a horse show in Georgia. All tweets would include the hashtag #GaProAm. Then, clicking on this hashtag would display everything being said from or about the show. This is not what I did.

Hashtags are also used at the end of a tweet as a pithy, possibly snarky, summary or commentary on the preceding statement(s). #thatwouldbeme

Yes, I used hashtags specifically so that I could post this under H. #mybloghastakenovermylife

That will be my first and last Coke Zero. #lasixforhumans

While I felt totally safe all night, it’s probably a good habit not to announce such things beforehand. The world being what it is.

Once I get dressed, I stop tweeting. Part of it is practical. I’m all dolled up & have nowhere to put my phone. Mostly it’s mental. The call for hair & make-up is usually well before the show starts. On Saturday, I had at least three hours wherein I could have provided a bright & witty running dialogue. However, I lack the aloof removal required from an observer. Normally, I have a constant thread of commentary running through my head. Once I’m dressed and thinking about a class, the internal dialogue is along the lines of who? huh? horse. there. tweet? what?

Change. Arrange for prize photo. Run back to car for wallet to pay for two photos been meaning to order from 2013 shows. Two for one deal, today only. Watch the rest of the Academy riders in their Championship. Load up & go. Trying to minimize my time away from home. No chance to tweet.

Divided four-lane with little to no traffic. Car easy to stop & start at the occasional light. Car is perfect for anything below a crowded Interstate. Flying along densely packed I-40 across Tennessee is certainly possible and safe, but would keep me on my toes as a nimble little mouse among elephants. [Fiat 500]

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