Ivy League


D scan

A cheap* shot, but I’m being very good about getting to the gym, sticking to my diet, and working with Rodney twice a day. Leaving me no time to execute the brilliant idea I had for today.

*Given the cost of tuition, not cheap in monetary terms, but the post was certainly cheap in terms of creative effort on my part.

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6 thoughts on “Ivy League

    1. No soda, no candy bars, & – most importantly – no Glucerna. The Glucerna is very bio-available. A little too much. Apparently I was not in need of that much extra nutrition. More on the M day.

  1. I’ve been doing WeightWatchers and lost 19 pounds. I’ve decided that feeling skinny is a much better feeling than that momentary joy I get whilst eating a candy bar. But having a horse for exercise is a great way to be active. No wonder I was thinner as a teen!

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