I will not remember your name.

I will vaguely remember your face, in an I-really-ought-know-this-person sense. If were in politics or sales, I would live or die by my Farley File. This is not unusual. Many people have trouble with names.

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However. I will remember the name of your pet. First time you tell me and forever after, particularly if said pet is a horse or a cat.

In high school, I made a new friend at the barn. I could not for the life of me retain her name, even though it was the same name as my father’s live-in girlfriend (No issues here!). Instead, I called her by her horse’s stable name. Normally, this would not bother a horse person. Unfortunately, her horse was a stoutly-built Quarter Horse. For the first few months, I called her “Tubs”.

Inspired by Whatever: A Series of Tweets Regarding My Own Personal Sexism, in which the author talks about his tendency to remember attractive women more so than others. Nope. Not I. Male. Female. Attractive. Unattractive. I am an equal-opportunity forgetter.

(Base image from the online catalogue of Staples, my favorite of the office supply stores. Yes, I have a favorite office supply store. Pens, paper, boxes, mmmmmm.) (Later, the store I like is Office Depot. Know where it is; forgot which one it was. KTW)

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9 thoughts on “Names

  1. At one point, back at the barn, I knew every horse by name, but for the life of me could only remember a few human names, and then only by knowing which horse they came with.
    Here, I know many dogs by name, but almost no humans…..

  2. As soon as the semester was over I promptly forgot every student’s name, but I can tell you where they sat and what writing problems they had.
    Visiting from A to Z ~
    Wendy at Jollett Etc.

    1. Everyone should have to stand at the front of a class to see what a teacher can see, especially those who think they are ‘hiding’ in the back row. I gave a presentation & it took me 5 (?) seconds to do a visual sweep of the entire room. I was appalled.

    1. Oh, there’s a huge club of us out there! too bad none of us remembers the name of any other of us…LOL!

  3. OMDOG! I remember faces and voices, but names always escape me. I knew all the people in my neighborhood by their family dogs. My beloved Quizz, who is always with me in spirit, was a social gadfly and loved walking the neighborhood and meeting people and dogs alike.

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