A Tale of Two Tums

We are stuffing Rodney with ranitidine and Maalox-equivalents (cheaper). We tried stopping. Not so much luck. He’s back on, at least for the duration of the cold snap. [What’s Up]

We are stuffing me with Zantac and Maalox (I prefer the taste). Zantac has joined hot showers and Tylenol in my arsenal of a mood lifters. [Pre-Show: A Change in Attitude]

Horse and rider on the same meds. Perhaps it is something in the air.
If I may whine, for a moment. I held a grumpfest last weekend. Exactly a year ago, I stayed home from a show that offered seven, that’s 7!, classes in order to be ready for Rodney’s first dressage lesson [Lesson]. Not only did that not pan out [Dubious Future], the aborted attempt appears to have taken my saddle seat along with it [I Do It All, But Not as Well As Milton Does]. I know, I know, I’m lucky and my life is wonderful. I’m hitting myself with the gratitude stick [A Look Inside My Head]. Frustration is still frustration.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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  1. Wonder if you’ve tried Purina Outlast? Been hearing lots of good reviews and feedback. Not cheap, but won’t break the bank either. Might be worth a shot?

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