Letter Art, AlphaBooks: X is for Xavier


Winning Colors
Elizabeth Moon
Baen 1995
“… the frontier world of Xavier (which specializes in horses).” Wiki

Genre: Science Fiction
Old Favorite
Did I reread it? No. Stopped halfway. Perfectly decent book. More military/political machinations than I was in the mood for during Milton’s rehab.
Horse Factor: Read enough to remember that horses are an amusing but minor plot element. How long would you continue to compete if you could live forever?

Moon On RS
Fantasy & Science Fiction Cover Art

Process Notes: Bézier curves. I alternated between being amazed at Inkscape and wanting to heave my computer against the wall.
Past Letters

[2017, 2016, 2015]

2018 Alphabet

[Z is for Zigby]
[Y is for Yoors]
[Project Explanation 2017]
[Looking for Letters 2018]

This year, I’m using names of horses (& one planet) in books as well as authors of books. Otherwise, I’ll run out of letters. I’ve already had to with Z, both this year & last. Which books would you choose?

Why reverse alphabetical? Why not? [2015 Alphabet On the ordering of the alphabet]

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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