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Milton’s Medical Update

My life for the next two weeks, give or take.


Not much to report, which is excellent news.

Last Friday, Milton went in to have a large, fist-sized melanoma cut off the inside of his upper right hind leg. Equine melanomas are not the dire diagnosis that they are in humans. It’s a bump. It got cut off. It will come back. On veterinary advice, we waited as long as possible. When the leg around the bump swelled, the time had come to address the issue [God Laughs, Ups & Downs].

In my understanding, the big deal was the anesthesiology. We would have had the bump cut off years ago if it could have been done under local. Therefore, as soon as Milton stood back up Friday morning, the excitement was over.

We are left waiting for the wound on his leg to heal. As soon as the mass was cut off, the skin sproinged apart. Nine stitches were used on a few small blood vessels and to close the hole down as much as possible. The most likely worst case scenario is that the skin sutures give/come out and we have to wait for a larger hole to heal. The medical people involved are not worried.

I will continue to put out a daily update Tweet, on sidebar —>. They may get boring. Boring is good.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

Daily Temps

Work: PM heat therapy & groom. Ran out of daylight.
Grade: none.

We have a cheap digital thermometer, which makes taking daily temperatures a breeze. Beats the stuffing out of the days of glass thermometers & clothespins. Speaking of breeze, both horses break wind as soon as I, um, begin the process. Every time. It’s like sticking a pin in a balloon. Plus, ejected air is apparently a few degrees cooler than the surrounding system. I’d have to retake for an accurate number. Usually, I just round up & make sure the result is under the fever/no fever barrier.

To date, we have already noticed that a horse is sick before we check temp.  Has anyone ever caught a problem with daily temperature readings?